Frequently Asked Questions

Does this project allow for the public use of the space?

YES, this proposal will ensure that these properties are accessible to the public and will have public, family-friendly amenities that preserve the public’s access to this space.

Will there be parking to help accommodate the new development?

YES, this development project will meet the City’s parking requirements as defined in the city code. There will be a subterranean parking garage built on the City Hall site to accommodate between 500-600 parking spaces. Additionally, there will be an underground garage for the Harborview site for 169 parking spaces – 119 for the hotel and 50 reserved and allocated to the City.

What does the entire project encompass?

There are two site locations where the revitalization and redevelopment would occur. On the vacant City Hall site and a portion of the former Harborview Site. There would be approximately 600 apartments and 158-key hotel, along with retail, entertainment, restaurants, cultural uses and public, family-friendly amenities that would be available to ALL Clearwater residents.

Will there be limits to the public amenities that can be built?

YES, there will NOT be any free-standing night clubs that can be built in these spaces. Otherwise, the Harborview site will be open to the public with spaces that include, terraces, convention space, restaurants and retail areas.

Will the project help expand Clearwater’s tax base to improve and invest in city services?

YES, this will help expand the tax base by millions and allow for the expanded investment into other critical city functions like public safety, infrastructure upgrades, and combatting traffic congestion.

What are the terms of the agreement between the City and the developer?

The project use cannot be altered for 30 years and conveyances of the property are limited – requiring Gotham and DeNunzio to remain in control.  The development before the voters will be locked in for a minimum of three decades and the developer must remain in control. This ensures that the voters get exactly what they vote on with reliable, proven partners. This also ensures we have a revitalized downtown that connects the re-imagined Coachman Park with the downtown and meets the promise of Imagine Clearwater.